1. New Moon
2. Ha Shem has given
3. Evaporate
4. Porn
5. String
6. Man looks on the outside
7. Pie

8. Cutoff
9. Gun
10. Death row
11. Tui
12. Irish Orchid

1. New Moon

Someone has done you wrong, kicked hatred straight in your face.
Sliding down your throat, you got a taste.
Seed sown in your heart.
Deep down in the dark, pull it out that’s what I say.
Friends there’s no time to delay.

Forgiveness is healing that reaches to the bone like
coming out of hospital and going home.

Don’t water hatred in the shadows, don’t fertilize hatred in the shade.
It will surely show just like a parade.
It won’t go away lets deal with the pain.
Don’t be emotionally lame, dragging a great ball and chain.

Forgiveness is healing that reaches to the bone like
coming out of hospital and going home.

Lyrics by Davyd Homan

Hand, weed

2. Ha Shem has given

Totally spinning but I’m standing still. I am drugged by love yet I’ve taken no pill.
I am hungry yet my eyes have had a feast how can this  happen beauty has fallen in love with the beast.

Elegant lovely like a dandelion pretty one yes a daughter of Zion. I did not seek her love work for it or toil.
How can this happen Venus has come down to my patch of soil.

I bind her with love and in circle her with many a kiss. Yet her love is wide boundless.

Smothered with pleasure yet we commit no sin. I say baruch Ha Shem to the God above.
How can this happen he gave her, this woman for me to love.

I bind her with love and in circle her with many a kiss. Yet her love is wide, boundless.

Lyrics by Davyd Homan

3. Evaporate

You say its hard preparing for the coming test.
Stuffing your head full of those facts to do your very best.
You say if you firmly squeeze go and squeeze your brain.
Then all those facts will then slip out again.

Yet I say it’s hard to be still and wait for the time to evaporate.

You say its hard working your body in a race your face
turns red as your trying hard to keep up the pace.
Gravity over come and then stands to the side to rest.
Fuels pumped by pure muscle submerged in your chest.

Yet I say it’s hard to be still and wait for the time to evaporate.

You say its hard working your body and brain.
Feeling like you’re at the fair ground on a runaway train.
I asked shouldn’t you be careful you could leave life’s track
End up in a six-foot hole on your back.

Yet I say it’s hard to be still and wait for the time to evaporate.

Lyrics by Davyd Homan

4. Porn

You're young and beautiful some would call you a slut.
All you can give is a paper cut your porn.
You're hot and its dry and the dust devil spins on the plan.
You’re a cloud that floats by you’re a dark cloud giving no rain you're porn.

She’s young and beautiful some would call you a tart.
She’s lying when she says its fine art you're porn.
Dear friend you can see it all but you got nothing.
Believe me when I say she’s a poison spring she’s porn.

Lyrics by Davyd Homan

5. String

Just anther day in the factory just another day laid
back I ask myself why are you here unfortunately
I’m just to damn good to be sacked.
The little bird looks for bread on the ground in the dust.
I’m thinking I better do the same.
Men need to work and earn their daily crust.

It’s a shame there’s no paint to watch drying
That would be exciting to me.
I think I’ll sit here and just think about that crazy string theory.
Thinking about string theory has got me tied in knot.
I’m thinking I better now just stop.
Who wants to plant a garden but then lose the plot?

This mad train of thought needs a shove, a kick, push it right on off its track.
Anyone that’s thinking oh so much could become a crazy insomniac.
Many words said many words sang, please from me do not quote.
I believe the man in the sky spoke then from nothing the world began to float.

Just another day in the factory just anther day laid
back. I ask my self why are you here unfortunately
I’m just too damn good to be sacked.
Times going slow way too slow why don’t I write a song
Got to try and help good old time wake up and start to jog along.

Lyrics by Davyd Homan

Little Bird

6. Man looks on the outside

Friends why am I full of words that need to be born.
Yet when I squeeze the pen they come out deformed.
I do really love books even though I’ve been on the borderline.
Thinking whether to stab that dictionary through the spine and let
it bleed its black blood.

Sorry my dear friend I’ve forgotten your unusual name.
Its just slipped off my tongue I’ll try and find it again.
I know your name's written right at the top of your dusty file the
question is which part of the brain, where in what aisle?
Oh if I could I would yes take your file down.

I have been questioned by intellectuals putting me in the dock.
Yet in their head they locked me in a wooden box.
Who cares if when they go to the library they take a small cart.
Don’t be a pseudo intellectual that’s got no heart.
I know its time for them to change the way they think.

Man looks on the outside but my God looks at the heart.
Man looks on the outside but my God looks at the heart.

Lyrics by Davyd Homan

7. Pie

We need to live for today just stop looking only for pie in heaven's sky.
Don’t you know once there you will be brought back to planet earth to this
land again we will reoccupy.
Stop wishing your life away my friend enjoy the sun the wind and the sway my friend.
Soon you’ll be gathered up and taken away yes we do need to live for today.

Lets make most of the daytime for the days in which we are living are full of evil.
On the streets wicked men they walk around with two faces.
There are leaders that sign a peace treaty with a pencil.
Don’t be like that servant you known my friend went
off to follow the sound of the show my friend.
Leaving a field of man to stand in the overflow.
Summer here but so soon comes the snow.

Lyrics by Davyd Homan

8. Cutoff

Hold me now for my sun is about to go down. Through the mist I see my crown.
The cord it is cut the line it falls. In the end I gave it all.

Lay with me Oh my beauty, For my time has come.
Tommorow I know the outcome. My drum it will stop the silence will fall.
He spoke, I answered the call.

I was pushed through the vale. HaShem just pulled me back.
Yes In Him there's nothing I lack. I will surely return to you my love
You are my my little turtle dove.

Lyrics by Davyd Homan

9. Gun

Did the gun sit down devise a scheme in the night?
Did it drive itself to the murder site? Guns push air out but do they breath air in?
Was it trying to commit suicide by throwing itself into the bin?

Does a gun really have a living heart and a soul? Can a gun really exercise
self-control? Will its name be written in G-d's scroll, at death will it go up
to heaven or will it go down to Sheol?

I think it is good if you own something with a muzzle. Are we civilized?
Yet we live in a concrete jungle. There are not many animals some men are beasts.
My friend listen. Who wants to end up in the morgue, end up deceased?

Lyrics by Davyd Homan

Revolver and Pistol 30cal.

10. Death Row

A gap in iron bars lets a beam of light hit the ground.
He’s in prison in this dusty outback western town.
They know he shot a man, shot him in the head.
Laying in that pool of blood stone dead.

Yes he can hear a knocking as the gallows go up out side.
Tomorrow he’s going to have to surely die.
The gallows silhouetted by a blazing sun.
His days on this earth are how just one.

On bended knees he reaches for the mysterious God of love.
In the night God heard him calling him up above.
He wakes up on the floor by the rattle of keys.
Now the time has come and death's at the door.

Now he is lead to slaughter, his hands and feet are in chains.
Yet he knows he’s going to ride again on the plains.
The light fades from his eyes while the sun does rise.
I’ve just seen a wise man turn to the light.

Lyrics by Davyd Homan

11. Tui

Too many words spoken too many words said. I need to slash through that thicket in my head.
In this life’s there’s sunshine mixed with rain. On life’s road another hill then plain.
After the storm and thunder she was above I was under.

Too many words spoken too many words said. Bad weather has formed a cloud around my head.
In the cleft of the rock there's shelter my Tui. To this our problem Ha Shem has the key.
Then come words that are gently spoken. after sweet love that is mixed with motion.

Too many words spoken too many words said. Ha Shem's timing perfect just entered my troubled head.
He can meet your lovely dry land with rain. He has the real power release the crane.
You are my flower I will pollinate. The child will arrive never early or late.

Lyrics by Davyd Homan

Crane (Bird)

12. Irish Orchid

You were down in Cork south of Dublin.
Lovely green eyes surrounded by your pale porcelain skin.
Yes a beautiful flower I picked you out of a field that was covered in dew.
Yes you were covered, covered in dew a graceful pretty bee orchid.
That’s never going to sting.
The word is, the word is, kind and loving.

Curves like the rolling hills of the moor.
You are oh so very wealthy and in beauty far from poor.
Sweet and so young a fiery red head in the weave of this land a golden thread.
Yes in the weave a golden thread more talents than the strings on a harp.
Your mind not blunt but very sharp.
The word is, the word is, kind and loving.

Lyrics by Davyd Homan

Food House
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