October 12/10/2018

Hi one and all
Shakhan has been distracted in recent times doing CG art work and graphite
pencil drawing.  To remedy that we have started working on some new music
Will keep you posted.
Art in
              my studio.
May 9/5/2018
Finished my String quartet project. I stopped at 12. Not sure what to do now as their are no string quartets in Rotorua. Anyway they need to be checked out as I am a complete amature with no formal training in composition.
Mar larasot.

March 9/3/2018

I have just started to try and write a few string quartets.
I'm not sure how it will pan out. Fun trying anyway.

Febuary 18/2/2018

Wow, a bit slack on updating the site! But yes, we have been working on new projects. Shoshanah has been learning the wonderful open software called Musescore, as the name implies is a score notation programme. I have been learning Blender a free CG software as the former post shows.
I have just up dated the Art link with a few illustrations of mine. Here is one called Horse Dreams. Hoping to have more art available for purchase online soon.

Horse Dreams
July 5/7/2017

Working on
                art work.
I have put the music to one side for a little while as I have been working on cg art work.
Learning Blender a wonderful open sorce software but quite a steep learning curve.  Feeling that I'm starting to win.
Bird created
                in blender.
January 17
Decided to rebuild the web site using tables so that it will sit in the middle of the larger monitors.
I used Komposer  free open sorce software.   
January 7 2017    

Wow, last year came and went fast! I hope that you have enjoyed your break. We have had no internet access from home so unfortunately last year the web site was not updated as it should have been. However now I have my little laptop going and hope to do more updates on this blog.

I have just added a new ART button to the front page menu that leads to some CG art work that I have created over the past few months.